Surviving the 21st century religious inquisition - Part 1

Saving yourself and your business – Understanding the structure


This isn't a refutation of the ideas of the new religion, but rather a description and prescription should you find yourself in violation of the new religion. It’s part one of my survival handbook should you or your business find yourself in the firing lines of the new inquisitors, you will know what to do.

I will try and break down not only my solutions but more importantly the principles behind what is going on so you structurally understand what’s going on. This will allow you to adapt and make the best decisions for your individual situation.

The reality of the modern world is that society is becoming increasingly ultra-religious. The issue is that the apostles of the new religion are not even aware it’s a religion. This fact makes it all the more dangerous, as they see it as absolute truth, rather than a religion.

It would not be a big deal, however the devotees of the new religion are now in control of many of societies most important institutions. And the ones they have not, are slowly being brought under it’s religious control.

The core implementation of any ideology almost universally becomes about power as much as the ideology itself. However we are now moving from the emergence stage of the idea which new religions seek openness (or liberal approach to society), in order to attract more loyalists to the idea. To now a more conservative approach and implementation, once they believe they have enough power and influence over society.

In order to survive this new paradigm, we must first understand it. Solutions arise very easily, it’s the framing of the issue that is the hard part of any problem. This will be key to the success and survival for you and your business during hyper religious inquisitions, such as the one we are in now.

The religion and its structure

What does this mean? how do I define religion? and then how to define religiousness?

A first principles definition of Religion is simply the term used to codify a moral framework that a group of people have agreed upon as their foundational moral principles and how society should function, plus the methodology for the actualization of that belief structure.

Religiousness is defined as the fervency and adherence to the principles and the methodology agreed upon that the religion dictates as required.

When this becomes large enough and devout enough, or if society adopts it, it moves from cult to religion. But the structure remains the same.

The nexus principles that govern the new religion are (in order of importance):

·        equality of outcome

·        perception of infinite resources, but a belief in finite wealth

·        ‘inversion theory’ (this is my own theory of modern cultures new inverted understanding of interpersonal dynamics)

·        hedonism

The methodology they use to achieve these goals are (in order of importance):

·        subjectivism

·        ideological capture (this is my own theory of how ideologies manifest and control people, and warp their perception of reality to the ideology)

·        nihilistic deterministim

·        individual will to power

These are nexus ideas and methods combined creates the framework for the new religion of woke.

This ideology creates their own imposition on nature, rather than emerging from natural impositions. This is always the tell tale sign of both insanity and being incorrect. As my definition of insanity is the gap between what is actually real and what we perceive to be real, when we are able to artificially falsify what we believe to be true, this is what I would define as insane. When we try and impose what we want to believe as reality, it’s almost always incorrect.

This is important, as we need to establish if we are dealing with rational or irrational people. When dealing with irrational people, irrational methodologies must be used when dealing with them. As I famously say “you cannot rationalize someone out of a position they were not rationalized into”. This is super important when understanding how to deal with situations.

Now we have an ideological matrix for the new religion done, now we simply apply these principles to aspects of society and you can see just how quickly the religion takes hold. As what religion ends up doing is applying the principles upon every aspect of life. As this is the governing method of how a religion aligns what we believe to our actions.

This is why it will never end, and will simply be ratcheted up until they either take over, or are ideologically defeated.

Abrahamic religions conversely came from natural law, emerging from requirements to survive rather than an imposition on nature. Corrupted over time, but the ideological foundations come from this.

Understanding religiousness and the devotees
Like any problem, we must first understand the goals of the devotees of the new religion in order to understand how to deal with it.

Power for religious devotees is for a specific purpose to the higher ideals, this is a foreign concept to many who are atheists or agnostic and do not understand religious devotion. They seek power to advance the goals, rather than for powers sake, or their own personal advancement.

They see their personal fate intertwined with the ideology itself, so when the ideology succeeds, they perceive that they succeed. When done for a rational way, this is very healthy for society. When it’s an irrational system, it becomes destructive. In the same way a religious priest seeks the church to become influential in order to advance the spreading of the good of god.

Unlike Abrahamic religions the new religion doesn’t have a fail switch for violations, or what’s called ‘forgiveness’ in Christianity. This is because the ideological structure of it cannot coexist with the concept of forgiveness. Structurally this is why it will fail long term, but this is crucial to understand when dealing with situations if they come up.

The primary methodology that enables the ideological structure to exist is what I call ‘subjectivism’. Where they have effectively created a world view where they are able to manipulate reality and adapt it to whatever they desire it to be. This is the core of what is called ‘post-modernist’ philosophy, essentially they couldn’t enact what they believed from a rational position, so instead they delegitimized rationality and objective reality in order to fit the square peg in the round hole ideologically.

However, this is a double edged weapon and can be wielded against them just as they wield it upon society. The downfall of this, is it creates very short term orientated processing of those inculcated in the religion. Things that are important today, will be discarded tomorrow, as the importance will be determined by the new priesthood (academia / media). This is important to understand when constructing a response plan.

The second methodology that enables the new religion is what I call ‘Ideological Capture’, this I will need to make it’s own article. But briefly, it’s my concept that explains how an ideology can warp what people perceive. What happens is when we implant a faulty ideology and we internalize the ideology as the truth, rather than our truth emerging from reality, what we perceive to be real is filtered through the ideology to conform with the ideology rather than reality. This combined with subjectivity creates quite a powerful force for ideological delusion, but just as important when constructing a response plan.

The third methodology is nihilistic determinism, this is a core part of how they implement the seemingly paradoxical difference between ideology and reality. When things are pre-determined to always be that way, and when the ideology says it’s structurally unfair (eq of outcome), what happens is you have permanent emotional volatility. The nihilism isn’t present in everybody, but it’s a core factor of the ideology. This is something to be aware of when constructing responses to the true devotees.

The fourth being will to power, human nature doesn’t change. Only the ideological structures and societies we operate change. We will still want the best for ourselves personally, how we achieve that can be warped by ideology however. Make no mistake, everyone involved in this, especially at higher levels of operations are in this for power. Their method is the ideology, but the will to power remains constant, those at the top especially are the same predators except with no fail safes. Make sure you understand this if a problem arises dealing with them.

Dealing with violations

When dealing with problems arising from violations of religion, you must first understand what it means from a religious perspective. What they see and what you see will be very, very different. In religion, one of the highest crimes is heresy (like this article lmao), meaning you have directly challenged the dogma of the religion. This is treated extremely seriously by religions. What you may see as insignificant, they see as an existential threat to their entire world view, real or not.

It will be intimidating, you will have immense pressure put on you, they will bring what will seem the entire army of Persia to descend upon you.

Unfortunately traditional legal advice is now terrible in the eyes of public opinion. We now live in a society that does guilty until proven innocent, by the mob. You need to respond as fast as possible, narrative control is more important than ever. Silence is considered guilt, a mere allegation is now considered incontrovertible fact. Your allegation will be front page news and retweeted 100k times, the retraction will barely be seen by anyone.

The law is now controlled by the same ideological zealots, everything is narrative now, if you are seen to be in violation of the new religion, do not count on the law to save you. Even if you are completely innocent. You must set the narrative of the situation.

My overarching suggestion is to try and steer clear of the religious zealots. Don’t engage or interact with them, it will only cause you trouble if something goes wrong. Be diligent in this, it’s not worth the problems.

However in saying that, if something does go wrong. These are my suggestions.

Dan’s guidelines:

GOLDEN RULE #1: Never apologise ever to a public mob. DO NOT BREAK THIS OR THEY WILL BREAK YOU.

You cannot, under any circumstances buckle and apologise.

Apologies are not seen in the new religion as discussed earlier like they are in Christianity, where you will receive forgiveness. In the new religion, apologies are seen as admissions of guilt, where you will then give them permission to crucify you even further. As until you play their game, they have no power, once you admit to their power structure, their real predatory nature will emerge.

As they will be able to virtue signal to others their piety of the new religion at your expense, trust me there is no end to what they are capable of doing. It will only end when you or your business is destroyed.

GOLDEN RULE#2 Never enter their frame of reference.

What I mean by this is never try and appease them by appealing to the standards that they perceive to be adhering to their values. As it will never be enough, they will use you again to virtue signal a purity spiral.

They do not actually care how much you have given to charity, or how much you have done. FACTS DO NOT MATTER, only narrative does. For once you attempt to cleanse yourself publicly USING THEIR FRAME, they win.

And if you have read this far, you understand what that will entail.

The frame of reference is the derivative ideologies that emerge from the nexus ideas I explained earlier. In part 2 I’ll go over every facet in more ideological detail.

#3 High ground control and Set the frame

Dan’s golden rule for arguments “Whoever controls the frame automatically wins”.

Argumentation is just like combat, when it’s about narrative control, whoever controls the high ground and whoever controls the frame of reference in a debate wins.

You must act fast and you must respond as strong as possible. This may just be your business, your reputation and even perhaps your life on the line. It’s this serious now.

The high ground manoeuvres in debates is when you take whatever is being argued over, and take the highest possible position for outcome of the position. This is not the same as going into their frame, but rather setting the frame to be met. I explain how to do this in some of my Twitter threads.

You need to have them respond to you, or have them have to morally justify their positions, rather than the other way around. That’s the goal of this method. MAKE THEM MEET YOUR STANDARDS.

It’s your job to create the frame of reference in the debate when in crisis mode.

I may create further resources on how to do this specifically later for companies.

#4 Openly challenge every accusation, premise and definition

Accuse them of what they accuse you of, and then challenge the ideological premise of the accusation.

In any debate, especially with the new religion perception becomes reality. What you believe and feel is more important than what is actually real. Your response needs to challenge everything they state.

If you have read this far, you should understand the ideological structure of their positions. The one thing they will not do is take a risk in subjecting the public to the counter-positions. What you need to do is structurally challenge the premise of their accusation. They are like lions on the savannah, they can tell when someone will buckle and when they won’t. They go after the weak not the strong, hold strong and challenge their core ideological positions and they will flee quickly.

It’s not worth it for them to potentially amplify your position and expose people to heresy of their ideology. Most violations will blow over.

The upside of them being subjectivists, is that you can use this against them. Change the definitions and premises that are being used to whatever you want them to be. – This is what I call wizardry or what’s called hypnosis, it sounds impossible, but only because you are probably rational. Most people are not, and especially not the devotees of the new religion.

#5 Disagree and amplify – Make them live upto their own standards

In hypnosis, there is something called agree and amplify. It’s a method of establishing connection to a subject in order to establish trust.

This is the inverse of this. You need to disagree with what is being said, and amplify what they don’t believe.

You aren’t trying to establish trust, but rather fear and respect. You simply need to make enough problems for them to go away. This won’t garner trust, but it will create enough fear for them to leave you alone, as you will start to impose their rules upon them.

In closing

Hopefully this has helped you both understand the new religion and given you a battle plan if something comes up. How bad can this get? Well in history they used to burn people at the stake for heresy, it can get much, much worse. Don’t be a victim of it.

Part 2 of this will be the matrix of the religion, where I will go over each individual aspect of the religion and explain what is going on from a principled position. This will allow you to have a better structural understanding of each issue.

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